Spokes are probably the most overlooked part of road bike wheels, but fundamentally they make the difference between a great wheelset and a bad wheelset. We have then spent a lot of time trying various ways of lacing our road bike wheels and have found the 2:1 spoke ratio to work well for road bikes.

Think about when you are pushing down on the pedals, look at your cassette and what is that side of the wheel doing? It will almost certainly be flexing at being put under load. We use 2:1 to help eliminate this problem. In essence, we use two spokes to do the job of 1. This should help to keep the rim in shape and stop the slackening and torsion experienced in the drive side of the wheel. The upshot is that your back wheel should now be working more efficiently.

As well as keeping your wheel more efficient, the spoke pattern will also prevent your hub, spokes, and rim from experiencing too much fatigue. Meaning that your wheel should have a much longer lifespan. The UCI has certified all of our 2:1 wheels for racing at the highest level so you know that they work but that you will have a much happier wallet.

As well as thinking about the lacing pattern we have also used Sapim CX-Ray spokes in this wheel range. The Sapim CX-Ray spokes are butted to weigh the same as titanium spokes but not to have the flex of titanium spokes; we are making sure these wheels are as stiff as possible.

That is why the hubs fitted to these wheels come with oversized hub flanges. This helps to stiffen the wheel by using shorter spokes. This makes sure that all your power is going to the rubber that is touching the ground and moving you forward.

All of this comes fitted to our range of Toray T700 carbon fiber wheel rims. Our rims come in a Nova 40 and 50mm depths and with tubeless ready options are genuinely the most up to date carbon road bike wheels that you can purchase.

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